Supporting our remarkable health care system

We are incredibly proud to support such a critical organisation by supporting staff and patients with effective solutions. Our bespoke systems deliver excellent patient outcomes, boost productivity and reduce outgoings.

We create simple to use systems that are powerful and secure by carefully exploring the needs of the organisation and drawing on our combined 50 years of experience within the industry.

Self-referral systems

Working in direct partnership with Allied Healthcare, the team built a ground up self referral platform which handles over 80,000 referrals a year.

Bed management

The team designed and built a real time bed management system, for Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation, one of the largest mental health trusts in the UK.

Interdepartmental exchange

Commissioned by London NHS libraries, we built a centralised electronic inter-library loaning platform which now administers over 110,000 titles.


At the heart of Infotex is our team, sometimes referred to as the digital wizards…

Jonathan Smith

“Everyone is keen to share their knowledge and build the best websites possible by combining our shared experience and expertise.”

Jonathan Smith, Director

Keeping the patient at the centre of our solutions

We have learnt that in order to support the NHS and other medical organisations well, we must always keep the needs of patients at the forefront of our system design and execution. Balancing their very complex requirements with your teams skills and capacity is critical to a successful project.

We have worked with a broad range of clients within the health care industry, and delivered digital solutions to expedite patient care plus at the same time help administration staff better organise care and improve record keeping.

Our background

The team of Jonothan Smith, Gareth Barnes and Mark Boreham joins Infotex from NEL: a London based commissioning support unit that covers nearly 25% of the UK population and manages over 10Billion of NHS contracts.

Their journeys before partnering with Infotex included a stint teaching IT (Jonathan), a summer job at Ipswich working at ITFC (Gareth) and a period designing fuel injectors for lorries (Mark).

Infotex Managing Director Ant Agar says “With an experienced focused force within the business developing healthcare solutions we are going to be able to do a great deal to help patients access services all across the UK“.

Our 20-year-old digital infrastructure origin is baked into every one of our websites.

Let us be your digital guides.

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