Successful ecommerce is mainly about conversion

Quick loading, feature rich and looking beautiful are the basics for selling websites, but converting visits to sales is art and science combined.

We invest time in understanding you and your customers—tracking, observing, and building a clear picture. And we devise ecommerce sites that make it easy for them, giving your buyers everything they need to help them complete.

Simplify and streamline the process

All the components are available to build effective sites that are easy for your customers and work for you. We specialise in WooCommerce, the popular WordPress ecommerce platform which offers the flexibility to integrate selling cleanly into your web experience. Each site is carefully tuned for performance. And the admin area is a whole lot simpler than a sales meeting.

Connect marketing with sales

The transparency of digital makes the link between marketing spend and sales outcomes far more direct. However you choose to assign your digital marketing budget, its impact can readily be linked to the ecommerce site, tracking visitor numbers and their conversion to sales.

Measure everything and find improvements

Websites are working well when you can see users interacting in a way that is beneficial for your business. We’ll help you track behaviours on your site and identify the causes and any issues preventing you achieving the highest return. It can be a bit on the number-crunching side, but we’re good at digging into the data and presenting the relevant metrics to make decisions easier and progress quicker.

We are trusted by leading brands, big and small, to deliver great ecommerce results.

"Infotex guided us through the whole process, put up with a number of major changes along the way and got us to the top of the mountain and over the other side. We now have a much more current website, that is driving more traffic and ultimately helping us to sell more books along the way.”

Vanessa Shorten | Director | ACC Art Books

Who’s minding the store?

To maintain an effective site, it is important to stay in touch with ecommerce developments as much as the behaviour of customers. It’s a big part of our culture to want our customers’ sites to succeed and we encourage a relationship based on regular performance reviews. We keep an eye on sales and abandoned baskets, click-throughs and conversions to strengthen your digital sales.
Infotex O - Ecommerce

Goal Focused, Data driven

It’s not all about traffic; we want users interacting with your site in a way that is beneficial for your business. This isn’t guesswork, our data crunchers identify the issues holding you back and we conduct multiple tests to find the very best solutions.

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