Making websites that work for you is a 360° process

Whether you want to reach new audiences, create more opportunities, sell higher volumes, better engage or support your customers, our aim is always to make your site work as hard as possible. Each site starts out with that thought, looking at the concept from every angle and making sure it fulfils its purpose.


We look at site design as architects look at buildings: who’s using it, how and when? Briefed by you and with your objectives in mind, we create a coherent and complete design that answers those questions, functions perfectly on mobile, pad or desktop and creates an impression that builds your brand wherever it is seen.

User Experience

Great design speaks to its audience; it engages, maintains interest, and maximises website conversions through calls, enquiries, or transactions. But thinking of the site from the audience’s perspective, puts the brand in the palm of their hand—as well as hitting the numbers it’s a powerful way to strengthen connections.


Yes, we are a slightly nerdy lot and we do have a team of programmers. They are the engineers working with the architects to realise the design. With special expertise in WordPress development, they build fast, trustworthy websites that operate as smoothly as they look.

Visitors to your website hold your brand up close for a moment… it’s an opportunity to inspire

Airborne Fit

“The staff at Infotex took quality time to understand our vision for the website, our target audience, and brand ethos. Infotex have done an incredible job, with a great understanding of our brand.”

Luke Read Airborne Fit

To keep working for you, the website must be able to adapt to an ever-changing digital world… so, we keep working for you too

We encourage ongoing support to develop the potential of your site, fine tuning, expanding, and ensuring it is doing all it can. We’re enthusiastic and active partners always offering ideas for improvements and helping you integrate your site more closely to your operations.

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25 years of doing digital

Hard to believe that anyone’s been web developing for that long, but there it is… Shows we love it, for one thing, and also that there’s little we can’t achieve with our coding and design experience.

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