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Digital Marketing

There are thousands of undiscovered customers looking for your business.
With an arsenal of tools and years of experience at our disposal, we use our data insight to provide you actionable steps and a range of marketing services to reach these customers, and better achieve your business targets.


Put simply, search engines such as Google look to answer a user’s questions better than anyone else. It is up to digital marketers to ensure Google sees your website as a top answer to relevant searchers.

Search Engine Optimisation is the linchpin for any online strategy – no longer an island, but a topic interconnected with UX, social media, and site infrastructure. That’s why we consult our digital marketing team from the start of every project. Not only does it result in accelerated Google performance, but forges a great all-round online experience for your target users.

Read more about SEO in our blog.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Paid advertising can produce quick, measurable results. PPC is a great way to get return on investment, and a real indication of your potential.

  • Google Ads let you skip the queue on Google Search. This means it targets people the very second they show interest in your product or service. It’s a springboard for a successful SEO strategy, and can become a constant source of revenue for your business.
  • Facebook Ads target your ideal customer. Our design team can create bespoke visuals for your adverts, and catch future customers at the right time by showcasing value over multiple touch-points.
  • Google AdGrants let us apply to get you $10,000 monthly budget in free advertising if you are a registered non-profit. It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t, you can make real change to your cause. If you know of any non-profits that need a digital hand, please refer us, we’re happy to help.


Analytics Service

Getting a return for your bottom line is probably why you started a marketing drive in the first place.

Data has been at the heart of Infotex for two decades. We don’t just employ industry best practices, we scour the data to see what effects our changes have made to the goals you set, and then take the next step to progress and repeat. This is supplemented with monthly reporting, giving you direct access to your digital health.

Visit our blog to read more about how we use analytics.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is very powerful when done correctly. In a world where we are inundated with email marketing campaigns, how do you make sure yours stand out and get seen? You need to make sure they’re relatable, personal, timely and beautiful.

Statistically, email marketing still delivers some of the best measurable ROI.

Utilising the right strategy, we can help you gain effective results out of your email list. Our design team can create bespoke templates to help you communicate your brand effectively, and analytical reporting to help reach targets.

The beauty of email marketing is that it can be effective no matter your industry or target audience.We have experience with clients from an array of industries, from butchers, to chemical laboratories, to auctioneers!


Content Marketing

Content is important in so many areas. SEO, brand awareness, lead generation, conversion optimisation, PR, and exposure, to name a few.

We will work closely with you to create a content strategy that can hit all of the above, and more. A good content marketing strategy will increase the number of high quality visitors to your website. This will increase engagement, give you improved brand exposure and generate you more leads. Content marketing is more than just good copy;

The copy on your website offers the first written connection a user will make with your brand. Right or wrong, first impressions mean everything. And this time, we know to have SEO in mind, too. By investing in optimised content, you will see improvements in your SEO and digital PR that lead you to the gold standard of lifelong customers that make a business flourish.


Social Media Marketing

We can guide your social media strategy, or take the helm ourselves. Social presence is an asset that should not be underestimated.

Keeping up with the ever-changing social landscape can be a struggle, we can help you navigate this new world with a solid social media strategy.

Having a consistent social presence allows you to establish a brand with your target audience in their own digital space. Every business has a personality – now you can showcase yours directly to your customers.

Our marketers can help you choose the platforms that suit you best, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our involvement can be strategic or hands-on with the planning, writing and deployment of your social content.


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