Marketing insights aid design

Research helps you build a better picture of your digital audience, their behaviours, habits, and likely needs. Often thought of as something you do after the site is launched, it’s really an investment that’s worth making at the start of a digital project as its insights can influence decisions about site structure, content and user journeys.

Marketing is also an ongoing task, partly to keep track of how the landscape changes, partly to ensure your site remains as prominent a feature in it as possible.

SEO is the start of strategy

SEO is keenly competed and complex. The insight of the digital team is vital what has always been a continually shifting territory. Presently it is multi-faceted drawing in aspects of site structure, content, and social media. It is a team project.

Content is more than copy

As the writer of this website can attest, mere words can scarce compete with the multi-media attractions of most websites, even those selling dishwasher tablets…. Do you really need a video to show you how to load it? Possibly not, but if you want to score highly, maybe you do.

PPC makes returns clearer

In fifteen years PPC has become a huge industry built entirely on its accountability - what you spend is transparently linked to click-through returns. It is an efficient part of the market on which we advise and manage campaigns using Google Ads and Facebook Ads, indicating how, where, and when to assign budget.

Our design, development, marketing and support teams are always working together, so everyone stays in the loop, including you.

Oliver Keates

“With algorithms constantly changing and new platforms emerging the digital world never stands still."

Ollie Keates, Digital Marketing Executive

The intelligence to make the right decisions

In the drive to convert more visits to sales, there is no substitute for good intelligence. Researching your market, observing how your website is used, and tracking your marketing campaigns together create the capacity to make your website work for you. That is our goal, and the whole team is working toward it for you.
Infotex O - Marketing

Our 25-year-old digital infrastructure origin is baked into every one of our websites.

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