At Infotex we have been helping businesses develop and establish improved systems for decades. 

We combine this with our experience of programming internet systems since the late 90's to create solutions for businesses that are effective, have low maintenance costs and last a long time.

Bespoke Software Solutions

Our customers can implement a system which meets their business requirement precisely, and receive a high level of user appreciation.

Technical Approach

Our methods ensure your system is flexible, scaleable, accessible and secure

Long-term support

At Infotex we don't lose momentum, we gain it, maintaining your project to the highest standards indefinitely.

At the heart of Infotex is our team, sometimes referred to as the digital wizards…

Richard Scott

“Everyone is keen to share their knowledge and build the best websites possible by combining our shared experience and expertise.”

Richard Scott, Developer

We use the benefit of the low costs enabled by internet technology to create systems that are everything you need them to be, and more.

Equally central to our philosophy is to develop bespoke software that truly adds value to the customer's business systems.  We do not believe in re-inventing wheels and are pleased to advise customers on suitable products if they exist.
Infotex O - Systems

Our 25-year-old digital infrastructure origin is baked into every one of our websites.

Let us be your digital guides.

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