The North East London Commissioning Support Unit (NELCSU) provides services including digital infrastructure and network design for the NHS and numerous major organisations. The NELCSU Infection Prevention and Control team monitors and audits NHS GP surgeries and dental practices against agreed standards.


The team now heading up Infotex’s systems division, was tasked to undertake the specification, design and build of an Infection Prevention and Control auditing tool. The system needed to be accessed both online and offline, while providing practices with the ability to feedback information after the audit.


Working closely with the Infection Prevention and Control staff, the team built a suite of tools that supported online and offline audit completions. This meant audits could be completed in locations where there was a lack of internet connectivity, eliminating the need for paper-based audits that would require manual data entry at a later date. The tools also allowed practices to login to their audit and provide supporting evidence as identified issues were resolved, thus making the audit a living document rather than a one-off snapshot.


This system was built in 2018 and is still in use by NELCSU.  There were 370 audits in 2018, 432 in 2019, 172 in 2020 and 233 so far this year.

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