Infotex has joined forces with some of the biggest brains in healthcare digital technology, bringing on board a whole new range of opportunities for the company.


If just one good thing has come out of Covid-19, it’s the blanket national appreciation of the National Health Service and those that work within it. Never before have so many interacted with the NHS, utilising the latest in digital technology from Track-and-Trace to the booking system behind millions of vaccinations. 

Even prior to the pandemic taking hold, users of the NHS had started interacting digitally with the service with far greater frequency – and we at Infotex are extremely proud to announce that we’ve partnered with three of the exceptional software engineers who, for the past 20 years, have led the charge in such developments.

The team of Jonathan Smith, Gareth Barnes and Mark Boreham join us from NEL: the London-based commissioning support unit that covers nearly 25% of the UK population and manages over £10billion of NHS contracts. 

Projects the trio have developed and implemented include, amongst others, the Allied Health Professionals (AHP) physiotherapy self-referral platform, which processes over 80,000 cases per year; the Call Information Management Application System (CIMAS), which enables police custody officers to book clinicians for those in their care requiring medical assistance; and the Lawmunion Library System, which connects over 150 hospitals and healthcare providers to share essential journals and books, both physically and digitally.

As part of their work with Infotex, Jonathan and the team have integrated several of their existing clients into the Infotex roster, most notably AHP for whom they will continue to offer technical support while developing new solutions. This influx of new clients has prompted Infotex to open an entire new healthcare division.

“After 25 years in the public sector with the NHS, it’s really exciting for myself, Gareth and Mark to join Infotex,” claims Jonathan. 

“We bring a wealth of experience and skills from both the NHS and the private sector, utilising Microsoft technologies to complement those already in Infotex. We look forward to continuing to work with our existing customers, as well as developing new products in the healthcare sector.”

Anthony Agar, Infotex managing director, said of this new chapter in the company’s 20-year history, “It’s an exciting development for Infotex to bring on board three great developers who bring with them substantial new skills and experience.

“With a development team focussed on building systems for healthcare providers – and combining this capability with Infotex’s core purpose of delivering websites that really do improve things for people – we’re going to do a great deal to help patients access services all over the UK.”

For more information, please contact Infotex on 01394 615 615.

Author: Chloe Agar

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