Whilst working as part of the NHS, the team (now working as Infotex Systems) were commissioned to design and build a bespoke self-referral platform. Within this, patients for over 10+ years have been able to answer a series of questions that would go on to form the basis of a tailored self-administered care package provided by AHPS.

The Infotex Systems team have continued to support this system and further develop its functionality to ensure it remains optimised for use.


Dealing with sensitive information and complex medical needs can present a challenge, so the team tackled the project with patience and sensitivity, working closely with the AHPS team.

As part of the brief, a new website was built to host the patient questions in an easy-to-use, but secure, interface. That information is then accessed by the AHPS clinical team, who triage each case individually before offering interim advice and exercises while patients await their face-to-face appointments.


The AHPS online portal now manages more than 80,000 self-referrals per year. For an overstretched NHS, systems like this one are vital in ensuring a smooth flow of patient referrals, and in alleviating the strain on GPs and NHS staff.

This site brings much-needed efficiency and a level of automation to a historically slow and labour-intensive process and is proving invaluable.

Initially only operating in Suffolk, the service was so successful it is now used by healthcare providers across Norfolk, Essex and Enfield in North London.

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