Dedicated to keeping your website working

From major outage to minor crisis, we’re on hand to solve every snag. It can be a scary time to find your website not working as it should, and the cause is not always obvious. As an established team, (we’ve launched more than 1,000 websites), we have the depth of experience to help.

Flexible support as it’s needed

We offer our support on a retained basis with no restrictions on how you use our time. We carry hours over, decrease your commitment or beef up the effort during busier months.

The perfect host

A good host ensures a great experience is had by all. That’s as safe a rule for websites as for parties. In our case it means availability, reliability, and performance. We select our servers based on those attributes and regularly benchmark the performance they provide.

We always have room to expand

Ongoing site development can grow your site’s potential, informed by the data it provides, interpreted through analytics and integrated into your operational plans. We are always ready to suggest new ideas to develop your digital properties or to add insight into drawing up a roadmap for future development.

At the heart of Infotex is our team, sometimes referred to as the digital wizards…

Alexander Holsgrove

"I enjoy being part of our highly-skilled team of developers, and keeping up with the ever-rapidly progressing world of web technologies.”

Alexander Holsgrove, Developer

It’s team thing

Infotex, you will quickly discover, is an enthusiastic and active partner in the success of your website project. From early design to ongoing management, we want nothing more than to see it deliver a return by whatever measure you choose. We are committed to your site and will always propose improvements, adjustments and enhancements if we think we can make it work better for you.
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