Anthony Agar

Ant Agar

Managing Director

27 years

Lover of all things Internet, Ant's philosophy on websites lies at the heart of Infotex. Websites for him have immense positive potential, being catalysts for growth, change, and business development, as they become evermore important in our Digital age.

Ant started out working in the London based ops team organising international expeditions for Operation Raleigh. With some globe trotting thrown in, he discovered the tea industry, where he worked as a London broker for 8 years, until his interest in the Internet overtook the Tea and he founded his business Shelton Internet in 2004. In 2008, the company, then focused on back-end technical development for Internet systems, merged with Infotex’s front-end website design to create what we are today – a digital agency determined to use our technical ability to make websites that work for our clients.

Aside from his enthusiasm for websites and all that they can do, and his love of the Infotex team, Ant’s passion for Infotex is in part driven by his enjoyment of working with and supporting such a variety of different people and businesses, big and small. It means that everyone keeps learning – creatively, emotionally, and technically.

Outside of the office, Ant can usually be found out in the Suffolk countryside, or on the water, perhaps taking his three children or the Infotex team out on the river in his boat Grommet, holding a Niche cocktail in his hand if he’s feeling lucky.

At the heart of Infotex is our team, sometimes referred to as the digital wizards…

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