Attributing credit to marketing efforts has been the strife of marketers for decades. Luckily, we’ve gained a few tricks on our way and we can give you a great insight into the health of your campaign. In addition to this, with the key metrics available from industry leading tools, we can give you an even deeper look into your digital performance.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Traffic isn’t worth anything if users aren’t interacting in a way that is beneficial for your business. We track your website’s goals and optimise to make the completion of them more likely. For websites with high traffic we use A/B multivariate testing to isolate features that are holding back your goals. For smaller scale CRO we use tools like SessionCam to see how individuals are navigating around your page. There is always room for improvement and we look to squeeze every last bit of improvement out of your website.



The right KPIs (key performance indicators) can paint an accurate picture of your digital performance and inform future strategy. We’ll customise your reports to give you the most accurate representation of reality as possible. If you need a hand interpreting our performance reports we’ll be more than happy to give you a realistic explanation. Calculating ROI (return on investment) involves translating performance metrics into revenue. Although challenging, through clever attribution models and combining data sets we can give you reality driven assurances that your digital investment is paying off.


Google Analytics

All useful information about your site lives here. Google Analytics is the perfect tool (in the right hands) to drill down into the data and mine precious insight that can be fed back into your online strategy.


Read more from our Digital Strategy Director, Tim, about predictive analytics.

Author: Tim Webster

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