Each year for the last 8 years Account Manager Kris has hosted a quiz on the day of our Christmas party.

Part myth, part legend, they are discussed in dark corners in hushed tones. Tones such as “that was far too hard”, “we should have got a half-point for Lithuania”, and “where on earth did he get a gold sequin jacket from?” (answer: China, and it’s too small for him so it can’t be buttoned.)

As it is the season of giving we’re sharing this year’s quiz for you all to enjoy:

Quiz Questions 2022

Quiz Questions & Answers 2022

The teams discuss a particularly difficult question
Serious quizzing
Gingerbread house quiz
The teams also had to assemble and decorate gingerbread houses during the quiz
Gingerbread Houses
And here are the results… How would you rate them?

Author: Katie Robinson

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