After more than a decade of the notable Infotex red, welcome to our brand’s new outfit.

After careful consideration, we have decided that the Infotex look needed a bit of a make-over to pave the way into the next chapter of its service to website production. We didn’t want a total re-brand – our core values and missions remain the same – but we wanted to look carefully at where we are now as a business, and whether our brand-look really looked like us anymore…

The process we went through to create a design and feel that felt suited to us required the same kind of introspection we ask of our clients when we are designing a website. We reassessed our purpose, captured into values, brand pillars, audience understanding, and business purpose to connect each brand expression decision to a reason.  We could never manage this alone, and I am deeply grateful to my good friend and expert brand consultant Kevin Bolton (see for his patience and persistence throughout this process, together with the creative team he leads.

Infotex Symbols

Essentially, we felt it was time to assess our own true colours, and discovered there was no longer a reason for our red-and-white colour scheme, which has served its purpose. Though in the past the bold, brave red suited us well, we felt it was time to acknowledge who we are today and our renewed focus on making websites work for our clients.

So, welcome to our new Infotex livery, which retains our trusted logo but sets it in the context of a new and sophisticated green-based colour scheme, which is now reflected on our website.

We hope that our existing clients and friends, many of whom we have known for more than a decade, feel reassured we are the same Infotex as always, but one which they and our new clients can also recognise is committed to making progress and continuous improvements to the way we deliver services.


Author: Ant Agar

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