When we consider that most users access the internet and websites via their phones, it’s no surprise that the way we design our mobile layouts and produce our SEO strategies is important for mobile.

According to studies, consumers spend more than fifteen hours per week searching using a mobile device and a massive 93% of mobile users who search for a product via a search engine make a direct purchase, compared to those who go directly to a website. Below we have listed some easy tips to improve your SEO game on mobile.

1. Responsive web design

A well-built website will do wonders for your SEO in general. We can often find that when it comes to load times, these are significantly slower on a mobile device than a desktop. This is because many websites were built specifically for the desktop model and mobile devices spent a lot of the time loading the full desktop content, even though it didn’t fit or suit the page. This directly affects your sales – if a website doesn’t load quickly then the potential customer will leave and you will lose a sale. Google recommends that responsive design is used for mobile websites so you should ensure this is the case for your website!

2. Don’t scale to fit; develop to scale

Every successful mobile strategy means developing a website that is revamped and specific to mobile search. Most of the highest trafficked websites, and those who are focused on good user experience, have fully developed mobile versions of their websites to ensure mobile users have a top experience when browsing. Remember that Google uses user experience as one of its ranking conditions, so ensuring a well-built mobile site will boost your SEO rather than sacrifice it.

3. Use location

If your business is one that relies on the business of locals to your area, particularly smaller businesses, then it’s vital that you ensure that you use local SEO. Register with Google My Business and ensure your business uses local web directories. Reviews are also useful to enhance your rankings.

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Author: Ollie Keates

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