Every business needs a website, but designing a good website is a complicated business which many people get wrong.

Here is a list of helpful hints to ensure that your web design is exactly what your business needs:

Content Clutter

1. Content clutter

You need to keep your layout simple and uncluttered. If you don’t, your customers will feel overwhelmed and will quickly switch off from your message.


2. Clashing colours

Yes, your brand might have a distinctive colour scheme, but don’t plaster fluorescent colours across your website. No one will stick around to read your site if the background hurts their eyes. This mistake is often compounded by font colours that make reading the text difficult.


3. No contact information

Failing to provide a contact number and an email address, or making the information so difficult to find that it might as well not be there is a trap some surprisingly big companies fall into. Don’t let your business be one of them.


Background Music

4. Background music

Thankfully, this trend seems to be dying out. Even if you have the most original jingle ever, your website is not the place to broadcast it. Adding music to your site makes it take longer to load and will usually irritate more customers than it amuses.


No navigation

5. No navigation

While the layout of your site will make perfect sense to you, test it on people not directly involved in your business before you go live. Your web design needs to make logical sense, or your customers will get bored and find someone else very quickly.


6. Not mobile enough

More and more people use their mobiles to access websites. If your site isn’t optimised to take advantage of this trend, your web design will be letting you down in a really big way.


7. Out of date

If your website hasn’t been updated in years, then this needs to be looked at urgently. The internet is littered with websites for businesses which are no longer active and you absolutely must make certain that your web design doesn’t suggest your business is one of them.


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Author: Alice Mottram

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