When it comes to planning your social media marketing strategy Facebook advertising has a proven track record to deliver measurable results at an affordable price to increase your sales giving you the peace of mind that investing in this paid advertising channel is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Setting up a Facebook ads campaign uses a powerful targeting option allowing your business to be seen by thousands of people who have the ability to buy your product or service.  You have the advantage of controlling your media budget.

The facts don’t lie Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with over 2 billion worldwide monthly active users.  UK stats show 45% of UK Facebook users check their account several times a day.

Facebook is set to make $4 billion with over 90% of Facebook’s advertising revenue now coming from mobile which shows businesses are adopting Facebook ads as a marketing channel.

Facebook is expanding its reach to advertise on the cross-platform messaging service for mobile devices WhatsApp.

  • Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg’s company bought WhatsApp for $22 billion in 2014
  • Facebook will be monetising the messaging app that has over 1.5 billion users in 2019

General Facebook Statistics

  • Worldwide – 2.27 billion monthly active Facebook active users in Q3 2018.
  • Worldwide – Over 1 billion daily active users
  • Europe – 170 million users
  • United Kingdom – 39 million users.  By 2022 the projected monthly active Facebook users will be 44 million users

(Facebook active users can be defined as those which have logged in during the last 30 days October 2018).

Why Facebook ads?

Looking at Facebook stats there is a high probability that your customer is already on the social media platform.

 Ad targeting

You can target Facebook users by a number of different indicators to get a maximin ROI for example demographics.

Ads Targeted by Demographics

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Connections
  • Relationship Status
  • Languages
  • Education
  • Workplaces

What Makes a Great Facebook Ad?

It must be visually compelling with a professional photo of the product.  A picture tells a thousand words and when the ad is correctly structured it is likely to be remembered opposed to written ads.

The ad must be relevant to the end user.  Facebook ads is built around the model of Cost Per Click (CPC).  You spend money when a user clicks on the ad, so it has to be relevant to your target audience otherwise you are wasting money.

The ad must have a precise, focused call to action.

Example Call to Action buttons

  • Book now
  • Contact us
  • Use app
  • Play game
  • Shop now
  • Sign up
  • Watch video
  • Learn More
  • Download

Facebook Ad Formats

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video

 Facebook Business Pages Stats

60 million businesses have a business page worldwide

Top 10 Leading Brand pages on Facebook in the UK 2018

  • Amazon UK – 4.7
  • Coca-Cola – 2.52
  • Skittles – 2.42
  • Samsung UK- 2.23
  • McDonald’s – 2.13
  • Cadbury Crème Egg – 2.06
  • Marks and Spencer – 1.94
  • iTunes UK – 1.91
  • Red Bull – 1.86
  • Tesco – 1.84

(Stats in million local fans)

Facebook Competition

  • YouTube – 1.900
  • Wechat – 1.058
  • Instagram – 1.300
  • LinkedIn – 562
  • Twitter – 335
  • Snapchat – 225

 Ranked by monthly active users (millions)

From the data provided Facebook is the dominant social media network and should be included in your overall marketing strategy.

Facebooks ad platform is incredibly profitable if set up correctly and optimised.

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Author: Ollie Keates

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