The National Disabled Identification Card

DID Card Website

Infotex are excited to announce the website launch of DID Card, a local Woodbridge business that issues a National Disabled Identification Card for people to carry instead of their paperwork. The DID card is particularly aimed at individuals with disabilities that are not immediately obvious, and saves them having to carry their paperwork in order to prove they were entitled to some form of disability benefit and obtain a concessionary rate.

DID Card originally approached Infotex to build them a new website and help them with Facebook marketing and email automation. Despite some delays due to lockdown restrictions, their new FlexiPress website is now up and running. It provides all the information a client may need about the brand and service on offer, and directs traffic to their original card application site. We also worked with DID Card to create a database of Facebook ads for their independent use, and automated their renewal email process using Campaign Monitor.

To learn more about this wonderful company, visit the new website at


Author: James Fulford

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