Here are some extraordinary small things we noticed over the past month… bought for £2  

When Nicolas Kurona stumbled across Google Argentina’s domain available for purchase, he legally purchased it, as you do.

‘Dumbfounded, he tapped into his search bar and pressed enter.

“My personal data appeared,” he said. “I was frozen looking at the screen. I could not believe what had just happened.”‘

Goodbye to Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is closing down forever on May 4th, and it’s being likened to the burning down of the library of Alexandria. The Guardian are just one example of people gathering what they think are some of the best questions before they’re lost forever. Do you think humans will ever walk on the Sun? 

Facebook v Apple: personal data stands between the giants 

Apple iPhones and iPads will be updated this week to include a feature that gives users autonomy over whether their data can be collected by apps. Facebook, who rely on data for advertising success, are not happy.

Google Earth Timelapse

Google Earth has introduced a timelapse of the Earth, by combining 15million satellite images from over the last 34 years.


Author: Chloe Agar

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