John Harman

John Harman

Infrastructure Manager

24 years

John's experience in technology means he is the perfect person to oversee Infotex's servers and related technical infrastructure and its constant evolution, enjoying working closely with the development team to fulfil client needs in a scalable and stable manner.

John joined Infotex as a developer in 2000, with a background in desktop apps and IT support, back in the days when “web development” was primarily tables based HTML! 

He oversaw the introduction of database driven sites powered by classic ASP then PHP v3, PHP being a language which he still enjoys and that has stood the test of time better than many, having overseen the move to V8.

John has worked closely on e-commerce projects, turning home-grown businesses into multi-million turnovers, and also worked with large, established companies.

Working with a unique, fascinating and fun group of colleagues giving their all and going above and beyond every day to help clients drives him to do likewise. He enjoys the variety of work that Infotex brings, building long-term relationships with sole traders and watching them flourish, at the same time as being involved with international clients.

Outside of work, things couldn’t be more different, and he enjoys time spent with pets, classic cars, steam engines and a lifelong interest in model & miniature railways.


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