Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith


3 years

Jono is the director of Infotex's Microsoft development team. With a background of more than 20 years developing systems for the NHS, his team is focussed on developing systems that support improving the user experience for patients accessing healthcare services.

After graduating with a degree in Economics from Loughborough University, Jono fell into working with computers and found a love for programming, and hasn’t looked back since.

Jono worked as a Software Development Manager for 20 years for the NHS, and then, after a couple of meetings with Ant, there was the opportunity to form with Gareth Barnes and Mark Boreham in December 2020.

Jono feels very much part of the wider Infotex family and all the skills that they bring to helping with the daily management of

Jono enjoys racket sports, especially badminton and tennis, and can be found on the Tennis court in Colchester each week, whatever the weather (even when it has been -1)!

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