Digital marketing has revolutionised the opportunities brands and businesses have to talk to customers, offering new, direct ways of communication. Across the various channels and platforms available, digital marketing offers targeted methods of engaging customers, helping to develop a brand/customer relationship that’s closer than ever before.

As you invest time and money into your digital marketing, you’ll want to see a return on your investment. It’s crucial that you track, measure and record all your digital marketing activity so that you understand what is working for you as a business. Below we’ve highlighted some of the most important digital marketing metrics you should be measuring.

Traffic sources

This is an incredibly useful metric for you to measure as it gives you an insight into where visitors to your site are coming from. You might think that your Instagram channel is likely to be sending the most visitors to your site, but you may realise, from monitoring traffic sources, that most people visit via LinkedIn. The more popular a traffic source, the more you need to be pouring your resources into it.

Click-through-rate (CTR)

The higher your average CTR, the better your quality score rating will be on your search engine pay- per-click (PPC) adverts. This will give you the option to lower your PPC costs, as your site is deemed more relevant to the search criteria than another brand, which search engine platforms like Google AdWords will reward with discounts.

Return visitors

Monitoring your website traffic gives you an insight into the total number of visitors you have received, but this is also separated into new and returning visitors. It’s important to measure how these two groups fluctuate as you’ll get an idea from new visitors about the success of your online brand awareness, and returning visitors who will give you an indication into whether content on your site is updated regularly enough and whether it’s engaging.

For advice and support on tracking, recording and analysing your digital marketing metrics, contact Infotex today. We can help you review your current digital marketing activity, offering strategies to streamline activity, leading to an increase in the return on your investment.

Author: Paul Mayne

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